Days 13 & 14: the patience of LOVE

Oh man. I just re-read 1 Corinthians 13. And these 2 lines stuck out from a very long couple of days…

LOVE is patient… it is not easily angered. 

-1 Corinthian 13:4-5

If you are familiar with the verses you’ll notice that there are some missing phrases in between, but these are the two that are being worked on in me even as I type this.

I’m being stretched thin in a house full of chaos. Kids that do not listen, or settle down, seemingly ever. Constantly there seems to be a reason to get frustrated– they are young and they are still learning and pushing, and it is hard. I can’t always remember to keep my cool, and I can only imagine how their parents have done it for so long.

I think it must be sort of like that with God and I. He must grow really tired of me throwing a fit when things don’t go my way. He must get frustrated when he knows what is good for me but I insist on doing the wrong thing. He must feel so annoyed when I don’t do as he asks, repeatedly. But LOVE is patient. He is patient. He shows me, teaches me, and lets me learn at my own pace, never giving up that I will grow up and become who He has called me to be.

And when the house settled down and the kids were finally asleep I started browsing my social media feeds. Of course to find some of the most ridiculous political and religiously offensive views out there. I just cannot understand people sometimes. And as I felt my blood pressure rising the rest of that quote from 1 Corinthians came into my head- LOVE is not easily angered.  Oh Boy. I am very easily angered. I get so caught up in things sometimes that I almost explode. I really don’t have much of a temper. Just internal rage. And tonight I was seething. I kept thinking how stupid and awful all these people are. Many of them are my friends outside of social media. I just kept getting more and more worked up. But LOVE is not easily angered. Because it is patient, and kind, and it isn’t proud, and it doesn’t envy.

God is so patient, and kind and doesn’t get caught up in petty things because he isn’t proud or envious. He may have righteous anger, but He is not easily angered. And I am thankful, because I am sure that for the past 2 days I’ve probably been pressing that issue more than is wise.


Thank you for your patience and kindness. Thank you that you are slow to anger, and quick to LOVE and show grace. I am grateful for your great LOVE and the way that you are teaching me to be a person of LOVE. Fill me with that patient LOVE that I may be able to show LOVE and grace to those who are difficult. Fill me with your Spirit who gives and teaches LOVE. Thank you. 

In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 


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