Day 15-18: Love never fails…

I may have already claimed this, but this is my favorite piece of the LOVE is… verses. LOVE never fails. There is something about my human understanding that cannot grasp this, but LOVE doesn’t fail. it doesn’t give up. it doesn’t stop.

I feel like I’ve been to busy recently to focus on LOVE. My journey into the Fruit of the Spirit is only beginning and already I’m finding distraction and disinterest setting in. But I visited my dad today. I have such mixed feelings every time I go to visit him. I’m scared, and sad and a little hopeful. I LOVE him, but I don’t know how to make that clear to him, and I believe he LOVES me, but he seems unable to show me that as well. But I keep going. Not because I’m great and I LOVE well, but because God has showed me a LOVE that doesn’t stop when things are hard. It doesn’t just call it quits when it gets to be too much.

So I had a nice visit with my dad. We made awkward small talk and then when it stalled I left. I hugged him and said I’d be back soon and we told each other we LOVED the other. And I am sure we meant it. I wish it didn’t feel so hard, and I wish I knew how to talk to him in a meaningful way, but I’ll keep at it. Because LOVE never fails.

My journey through learning to lean on the Spirit, learning to accept and live out the gifts of the Spirit is so important. It is the thing that will make my efforts with my dad and my family successful. Because I need to learn how to LOVE. And I need God to teach me that. And I’m better than I was, but still it seems so hard most days. LOVE is hard. LOVING someone who doesn’t seem to want to work on your relationship is such a challenge. But God has called me for a challenge, and he promises to equip me for it. I must lean on Him and learn from Him if I am to stand a chance.



You know my struggles. And you promise that we have a High Priest that understands and sympathizes with our struggles. I ask that you give me persistence in LOVE. Teach me strong and enduring LOVE. Teach me the LOVE that never fails, that I may show that level of LOVE, that hopeful, faithful LOVE, to those who you have put in my life. Please especially help me to LOVE my earthly father well, as you have given him to me and asked me to honor him. Thank you for the work you are doing in my life and in his. 

I love you and pray in your son Jesus name. Amen. 


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